Dr. Rachna Patel

My mission is to help as many people around the world as possible with CBD. I began by opening my own Cannabinoid Medicine practice in 2014, then by launching Doc Patels CBD in 2020. Now I’m going even further by launching the Doc Patels Cannabinoid Medicine AcademyTM, to train thousands of medical professionals on CBD so they can improve millions of lives.

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About Me

My goal is to train other medical professionals on how to use CBD to improve people's lives.

“I work with healthcare professionals who want to learn about CBD, how to add it to their patient treatment regimens and even how to earn additional income by supplying CBD products through their medical practice.”

– Dr. Rachna Patel
Learn how you can earn revenue by offering Doc Patels CBD products through your practice.

Marina Buksov

PharmD, Holistic Health Coach and Founder of Raw Fork

“Dr. Patel did the legwork of researching the quality, integrity, and purity in every part of the harvesting and production process, I am confident in her brand when making a recommendation”

Dr. Uma Naidoo

Nutritional Psyhciatrist, Award Winning Chef, and Author

“... people need to have a reliable safe source of information to obtain these [CBD] products for their health”

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