What CBD Oil would you recommend for Fibromyalgia? I have tried to buy CBD Oils in the past, but they’ve never worked & it’s a lot of money to keep trying different CBD Oils. 


Why do I still have joint pain even though I’m using CBD Oil?


There are certain conditions for which CBD Oil is very effective and there are other conditions for which CBD Oil is not effective, at least not on its own. So when you have conditions that have a predominantly inflammatory component, as with Fibromyalgia and with joint pain caused by that’s due to Arthritis, CBD alone is not going to cut it in terms of pain relief. 

What you need in addition to the CBD is THC. The amount of THC in hemp is not enough. Just so you know, the amount of THC in hemp-derived CBD Oils is 0.3%.  Really, what you need to use is a marijuana-based product, where the amount of THC is much more than 0.3%. 

And, there’s science behind why. Both CBD & THC on their own have anti-inflammatory properties. But when they’re combined together, there’s an even greater anti-inflammatory effect. It’s because of a phenomenon known as the entourage effect in which one chemical is enhancing the effect of the other chemical. In the case of CBD & THC, the entourage effect causes an even greater anti-inflammatory effect.

So, clinically, what I have found is that with conditions such as Fibromyalgia & Arthritis you want to use THC in addition to CBD. And, really you want to use a marijuana-based product because that’s how you’re going to get that more than 0.3% THC.