I’ve always wanted to try CBD Oil. When I’ve smoked marijuana before, it made me feel horrible. It gave me anxiety & panic attacks. What makes CBD Oil different than marijuana? And, could CBD Oil cause Anxiety & Panic Attacks or do you recommend CBD Oil for anxiety?


When you’re looking to buy CBD Oil or Medical Marijuana for Anxiety, what you want to look for are higher amounts of CBD relative to THC. CBD is effective in relieving the symptoms of Anxiety. THC makes Anxiety worse. With marijuana-based CBD products, you’re going to look at the amount of CBD relative to the amount of THC. With hemp-based CBD products, they’re already high in CBD and low in THC because by law hemp should not have more than 0.3% THC. So, you’re significantly reducing the probability of getting high – feeling Anxious & Paranoid and getting Panic Attacks – from THC when you use a hemp-based product.