Dr. Patel,

With all the hype around CBD Oil, it’s easy to find information about all it’s benefits, but what about it’s side effects? It would be nice to know about the adverse effects of CBD Oil as well. It’s a medication after-all and no medication comes without it’s side effects.

Does CBD Oil have any side effects?  Have your patients experienced side effects from CBD?  Are there any side effects from CBD Oil to look out for?

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Dorine, you make a great point – no medication comes without its side effects. And, being that CBD Oil is just that – a medication it definitely comes with its own set of side effects.

But, overall it’s more good than bad.  An in-depth investigation of the research shows that the side effects of CBD oil are usually rare, and, for most people, the benefits far outweigh the risks.  Clinically, I’ve seen patients experience little to no side effects of CBD Oil.

Overall, in comparison with other drugs that are used for the treatment of conditions like Epilepsy & Psychotic Disorders, CBD has a better side effect profile. In fact, because the side effects are rare, it could improve patients’ compliance and adherence to treatment.

What are the side effects of CBD Oil?

Despite all the hype, there are the potential side effects of CBD that all medical users should be aware of.

Research shows that the most commonly reported side effects of CBD are tiredness, diarrhea, and decreased appetite & weight.

What side effects does CBD not cause?

Now, interestingly enough, research also showed the side effects that CBD does not cause.

  • CBD does not cause Catalepsy which is basically a trance-like state.
  • CBD does not alter heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.
  • CBD does not adversely affect psychological & psychomotor functions. Psychomotor functions are skills that involve both movement and thinking at the same time, like balance and coordination.
  • CBD does not affect the transit of food through your gastrointestinal tract.

What are the side effects of Epidiolex?

While we’re talking about CBD, it’s important to not forget about the CBD product that the FDA approved – which goes by the name Epidiolex.  Researchers noticed the most common adverse effects of Epidiolex in clinical trials include,

  • Sleepiness
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Elevated Liver Enzyme Levels
  • Fatigue
  • Malaise
  • Rash
  • Poor Quality Sleep
  • Infections

The incidence of these adverse effects was 10% or more than the placebo.

The patient information pamphlet notes that there is a risk of worsening depression or suicidal thoughts when taking Epidiolex. And it’s important to monitor anyone who is using Epidiolex for signs of mood change.

The researchers indicate that the adverse reactions of Epidiolex observed in the clinical trial may not reflect the adverse reactions observed in clinical practice.  It’s been less than a year since Epidiolex has been on the market so we’ve yet to see what the adverse reactions patients experience.

Overall, research shows CBD to be safe for most people to use, and there are few, if any, serious side effects.

Why you may experience side effects from CBD Oil?

Now, if you experience side effects other than the ones that I just reviewed, then it may be possible that your unpleasant experiences may be due to the poor quality of your CBD oil.  The quality of your CBD oil can make a big difference when it comes to side effects.

You don’t want to buy a CBD Oil with the intent of using a natural medication, only to find out that it contains toxic levels of pesticides and heavy metals and residual solvents and God knows what else that could end up giving you side effects.

So what’d you do?

  • Research the CBD Oil that you buy.  Always, always, always ask for lab results from a state-licensed lab when buying CBD oil.  
  • Consult with a medical expert, like myself, if you have any doubt about the best CBD Oil to use.
  • Honestly, if you’re looking for a brand of CBD Oil that you can trust, I’ve created one. It took months in the making to ensure that line of CBD Oil doesn’t have any toxic junk in it. To learn more head on over to WWW.THECBDEXPERT.INFO



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