What strain of Medical Marijuana do I use?


You don’t want to purchase Medical Marijuana-based on the name of the strain. The name of the strain is arbitrarily determined. 

The combination of CBD & THC in a strain like Gorilla Glue at one medical marijuana dispensary may be completely different than the combination of CBD & THC in Gorilla Glue at another medical marijuana dispensary. 

It’s the same when you go to the same medical marijuana dispensary. The combination of CBD & THC in Gorilla Glue on your 1st purchase may not be the same as the combination of CBD & THC in Gorilla Glue on your next purchase.

Ultimately, you want to buy medical marijuana based on laboratory testing, which gives you the exact amount of CBD & THC. 

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Why does CBD Oil bother my ulcer? Does CBD Oil heal ulcers? 


Typically, I’ve found is that neither CBD Oil nor Medical Marijuana are effective for conditions like Gastric Ulcers or Gastritis. 

There are a lot of crappy CBD Oil products on the market. So you want to take a close look at how the CBD Oil was made. What are the pesticide levels in your CBD Oil? Has the CBD Oil been tested for heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium & Mercury? Was your CBD Oil made using solvents like Butane, Hexane or Propane in your CBD Oil? Are there toxic levels of these solvents in your CBD Oil? 

Remember as it stands, CBD Oil are not regulated. So anyone can use anything to make your CBD Oil. And, that anything could end up doing you more harm than good.