Don’t Let The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Go Up In Smoke

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To light up or not light up? A question coming in today from Carla of San Ramon, CA. She asks:


Dr. Patel-

I understand the benefits of medical marijuana, but I am not a big fan of smoking it. How can I get the benefits without having to smoke it?



Many people don’t know this, but smoking isn’t the only method of administering medical marijuana. In fact, you don’t really want to smoke it. Seriously – marijuana smoke has carcinogens – a very scientific term for the toxic stuff that causes cancer. In order to smoke something, you have to burn it. And, it’s during this burning process that the carcinogens are formed.


The obvious solution then is to simply not burn the marijuana flower all together. That’s where the ingenious device, known as a vaporizer, comes into play. It heats the marijuana flower rather than burning it. Genius right?!


Research shows that vaporizing, or “vaping medical marijuana,” as it’s commonly called, significantly reduces the amount of the toxic stuff that’s produced.  You should try medical marijuana vaping instead of smoking it.


Still not convinced? Here’s are some facts that may have you convinced otherwise. Around 20 to 30% of the THC gets destroyed when burning the marijuana flower. Not only that, but 40 to 50% of the THC disappears into thin air instead of getting to your lungs. That’s like flushing 80% of that marijuana you just bought down the toilet.


In fact, research also shows that vaping medical marijuana actually does a much better job of extracting the cannabinoids (like THC) from the marijuana flower, which, ultimately gives you more bang for your buck.


So, my friends, when it comes to inhaling medical marijuana, it makes a lot more sense to vape it rather than smoke it.



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Did you notice any changes in your health when you switched from smoking medical marijuana to vaping it? Do tell in the comments section below.

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