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How To Incorporate CBD & Yoga In Your Life

I wanted to walk you through how I incorporate CBD products and yoga into my life. So on the nights that I come home really, really tense from work I tend to hold a lot of stress in my jaw muscle, my masseter, as well as my trapezius and my sternocleidomastoid. I tend to get really tight in these areas, so those nights I make sure that I use some CBD. What I like to use is the Doc Patels 1000 milligrams CBD tincture. And what I’ll do is I will take point five milliliters, which is the equivalent of 17 milligrams, and take it 1-2 hours before I go to bed and I have a tendency I’ll just swallow it straight. And then the next morning I turn on some YouTube and I go to yoga by Adrienne’s channel and one of my favorite yoga sessions with her is text neck yoga. It really helps to relax the neck muscles and the shoulder muscles. And what’s great is that because I took this CBD product the night before, it has a relaxing effect on the muscles. CBD is known to be a muscle relaxant. My body’s much more flexible to do some of the yoga that she recommends and I get even greater benefit out of it. So that my friends is how I incorporate CBD products and yoga into my life!