So, I’m continuing to answer that question as to how exactly marijuana relieves pain.

Again, I just wanted to remind you that this is a 3 part series.

And, this is part 3 of 3.

So, another way that marijuana relieves pain is that it

Have you seen the movie Project X? It’s basically about 2 high schoolers who on a quest to become popular throw a house party. The scene from the morning after shows that the entire neighborhood has burned down. This is inflammation. It has the potential to wreak total and utter havoc on your body.

So imagine that marijuana is a cop that happens to be passing by this party. Before the chaos of inflammation ensues, he decides to take control of the situation.

So, he calls in the T-regs (T-regulatory cells) as back-up. They’re there for damage control – to make sure to prevent the body from attacking itself even further.

In the meanwhile, marijuana goes after the high schoolers that are causing a ruckus. These would the be immune cells that are causing inflammation.

Marijuana also confiscates the high schoolers cell phones. These would be the cytokines, which are chemicals produced by the immune cells, to signal the start and stop of inflammation.

In summary, marijuana, reduces inflammation by

-causing apoptosis (cell death) of immune cells that are causing an autoimmune attack
-suppressing the production of cytokines

What are cytokines?
Chemicals made by immune cells that start and stop inflammation
activating T-regulatory cells

What are T-regulatory cells?
A type of immune cell that helps to make sure that the body doesn’t respond to self-antigens and prevents autoimmune disease

So there you have it. Another way that medical marijuana reduces pain.



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