The questions have been pouring in from the Aussies about medical marijuana.  And, I’m happy to say I finally have answers for you!

Watch the video to learn about the latest developments surrounding medical marijuana in Australia.


I invited Erin Nulty of Joplin Lawyers to my show #AskDrPatel.  She is a phenomenal source of information.

Joplin Lawyers have extensive knowledge about all facets of the Hemp and Medicinal Marijuana Industry.  The firm handles legal and/or business issues from seed to sale and all points in between, including licensing, regulatory compliance, industry specialised contracts, business formation and criminal defence.

Erin Nulty graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Diploma of Legal Practice and Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in Community and Human Welfare. She was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2017.

Here’s a list of the questions Erin Nulty answers over the course of the interview:

  • Could you update the viewers on what’s transpired legally for medical marijuana in the past year in Australia?
  • What is the significance of legalization of medical marijuana at the federal level in Australia?
  • Could you walk us through the medical marijuana laws state by state in Australia?
  • Does a doctor have to have any qualifications to prescribe medical marijuana in Australia?
  • Which patients are eligible to get access to medical marijuana in Australia?
  • What process do the doctor and patient have to go through to get access to medical marijuana in Australia?
  • How does the patient then purchase medical marijuana in Australia?