A couple days ago, Sujeevan asked me if marijuana helps to lose weight.

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And, he’s actually not the only one to ask me this question.  It’s a question I get asked a lot.

So, let’s dive into the answer.



Research has shown that turning marijuana receptors on causes people to crave and enjoy food.  This is commonly known as getting the munchies.

So, researchers figured that turning the marijuana receptors off probably would cause people to eat less.  And, maybe, lose some weight.

They put their thoughts to action.  And, created medications that actually turned the marijuana receptors off.  These medications were called Rimonabant and Taranabant.

But, here’s what happened.  Those that were obese did lose weight.  But, they also started to experience pretty severe psychiatric symptoms like suicidal thoughts.

So, that put an end to these medications.  And, in fact, they were completely taken off the market.

So Sujeevan, to answer your question, in general, marijuana doesn’t cause a weight loss.  And, clinically, I haven’t found that patients really lose any significant amounts of weight when their using medical marijuana – even, after using it for a regular basis for at least a year.


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