Can I purchase marijuana medications from you?
By law, I am not permitted to dispense marijuana medications.

Can you recommend a dispensary that sells marijuana medications?
By law, I cannot suggest a medical marijuana dispensary.

What documents do I need to purchase medical marijuana products from a dispensary in California?
Typically, they require your medical marijuana recommendation and a photo ID.  Of course, it’s best to contact the medical marijuana dispensary before your visit and ask them what they specifically require to gain entry to the dispensary and purchase marijuana medications from them.

How do I choose a reputable medical marijuana dispensary?                                                                              

I have a couple suggestions for you.

A search on Google is a good starting point to come up with an initial list of medical marijuana dispensaries in your area.

My patients have found reviews on third-party websites helpful to gauge the medical marijuana dispensary’s quality of service.

When it comes to protecting your health, ensure the following at the medical marijuana dispensary you select

The medications are stored and handled safely.
The medications are tested for fungus and bacteria.
The medications are tested for levels of fungicides and pesticides.

Here are some more resources on the topic of pesticides that you’ll find useful.