How do I get an evaluation for a medical marijuana (cannabis) card?

Any doctor licensed to practice in California could evaluate a patient and issue a medical marijuana (cannabis) card.

So, you could potentially ask your own doctor to evaluate you.  However, not all doctors are necessarily comfortable doing this or are informed about the medical use of marijuana.

So, if this is not an option for you, then you could visit a doctor that specializes in Medical Marijuana, such as myself.  You can call (925) 708-9351 to schedule a medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation with me (Dr. Patel).

What do I bring to the medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation?

  • California Driver’s License or ID Card
  • previous medical marijuana card/recommendation, if you have one
  • a list of medications that you take
  • medical records that you happen to have on hand

What do I bring if I don’t have a California Driver’s License?

Bring a photo ID such as a passport and proof of residency in the state of California, such as the following:

  • recent utility bill that’s in your name
  • a lease agreement in the state of California that’s in your name
  • a pay stub
  • a temporary driver’s license receipt from the DMV

Do I bring copies of my medical records to the medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation?

If you happen to have them on hand, then go ahead and bring them in.

What if I don’t have any copies of my medical records on me?

You’re not required to have medical records for the evaluation, but as mentioned, if you happen to have them on hand then bring them in.

What’s the medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation process like?

It’s just like any other doctor’s visit.  You’ll fill out some paperwork.  We’ll go through your medical and surgical history.  I’ll do a brief physical exam.  Then, I’ll step-by-step walk you through how to safely use medical marijuana (cannabis) for your  particular medical condition(s), which includes

  • the best way to use medical marijuana (cannabis) for your medical condition(s), other than smoking it
  • how to select medical marijuana (cannabis) products based on laboratory test results
  • how to avoid the undesired side effects, like the notorious “high”
  • plus, a whole lot more!

How long is the medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation?

You should set aside 30 to 40 min. for the evaluation.

What’s the cost of the medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation?

Please call (925) 708-9351 to inquire about the cost of the evaluation.

Do you accept health insurance, MediCal, or MediCare?

Unfortunately, health insurance, MediCal, or MediCare does not cover a medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation.