You’ve tried everything under the sun to help with your arthritis pain, but nothing seems to help. You’ve heard some folks swear by marijuana for their arthritis pain, which has left you wondering if it’s something you should consider using for your arthritis pain. That’s Geena’s dilemma.  She’s been struggling with arthritis pain for years and wants to know if medical marijuana will help to relieve her arthritis pain.  Watch the video to find out.

Dr. Patel,

I’m 53 years old and I’ve been struggling with arthritis for 5 years now. It’s been getting worse and worse over the years. I wake up in the mornings with unbearable pain in my hands and knees. I can’t enjoy the activities I once enjoyed, like knitting and gardening, because it just hurts too much!

My doctor told me to take Tylenol, but I stopped taking it after I read that it causes damage to the liver. I then started taking Ibuprofen, but I ended up getting ulcers in my stomach. After that, I tried acupuncture and even took some supplements, but nothing seemed to help.

I came across some stories on the internet of other people like me with arthritis who used medical marijuana. It seemed like it really helped them with their arthritis pain.

I’m now considering using it, but wanted to hear your thoughts before I go this route.



Walnut Creek



I’m really glad you asked this question. You’re most certainly not the only one spinning your wheels trying to find a treatment to relieve your arthritis pain. In fact, I have patients coming in on a daily basis inquiring about medical marijuana as a natural treatment for their arthritis pain.

You might be interested in knowing that medical marijuana has been used as a treatment for arthritis since 2800 B.C.!

Marijuana for Arthritis Pain: THE RESEARCH

And there’s recent research that supports using medical marijuana to reduce the pain of arthritis, including some preliminary research about a pharmaceutical formulation of marijuana called Sativex.

The results of the study on Sativex are promising: Patients given Sativex reported a reduction in pain either when moving or at rest. They also reported an added bonus of improvement in the quality of their sleep.

We even have an idea as to why these patients found pain relief by using a form of marijuana. It’s been found from research done on mice that chemicals in the marijuana plant help to reduce the inflammation associated with the arthritis. Research on mice has also shown that marijuana also reduces the progression of the arthritis by modulating the immune system.

Marijuana for Arthritis Pain: PATIENT RESULTS

Unfortunately, Sativex is not approved for use in the U.S. – yet. But in my own practice, many of my patients have found relief for their arthritis pain with a topical form of medical marijuana. These come in the form of creams, lotions, or ointments. Once the topical is applied to the affected area, patients are surprised to experience relief almost immediately.

They report they are better able to manage their pain and have noticed an overall improvement in the quality of their lives. They tell me they can now open jars without assistance, walk up and down stairs with ease and wake up free of pain.

Geena, I hope this helps you and anyone else looking for information on using medical marijuana for arthritis.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Patel