What’s the difference between a medical marijuana (cannabis) prescription and a medical marijuana (cannabis) recommendation?

It’s important to understand that what I issue are medical marijuana (cannabis) recommendations, not medical marijuana (cannabis) prescriptions.

How to get a medical marijuana prescription-

Often times, people unknowingly will refer to the document that I issue as a medical marijuana (cannabis) prescription, but really it’s a medical marijuana (cannabis) recommendation.

Because marijuana is scheduled as a Class I substance by the federal government, doctors are not allowed to write prescriptions for it.

The state of California permits doctors to recommend the use of medical marijuana (cannabis) to patients based on a medical evaluation.  This recommendation then allows that patient to enter a medical marijuana (cannabis) dispensary to purchase marijuana (cannabis) medications.

Any doctor licensed to practice in California could evaluate a patient and issue a medical marijuana (cannabis) recommendation.  So, you could potentially ask your own doctor to evaluate you.  However, not all doctors are necessarily comfortable issuing a medical marijuana card or are informed about the medical use of marijuana.  So, if this is not an option for you, then you could visit a doctor that specializes in Medical Marijuana, such as myself.

Again, remember, it’s a medical marijuana (cannabis) recommendation not a medical marijuana (cannabis) prescription.  🙂