Typically, I’m the one to answer your questions about Medical Marijuana & CBD Oil, but this time around I brought on an anesthesiologist – Dr. Amita Kundra – to help answer the all important question – Is it okay to take CBD Oil or Medical Marijuana before surgery? It is understandable that you might want to take CBD Oil for anxiety before surgery and Dr. Kundra has the answers for you.

Dr. Kundra practices in a hospital in NY, where marijuana has been deemed legal for medical use. 

And, the specific reason I’ve brought on Dr. Kundra is because she has the experience of seeing patients before, during, and after surgery as an anesthesiologist. 

During the course of the interview, I ask Dr. Kundra the following questions. 

  • Are there any drug interactions between anesthesia and Medical Cannabis? 
  • How does Medical Cannabis use impact medical care during surgery?
  • Why are anesthesiologists worried about people who smoke Medical Cannabis?
  • What is the worst that can happen during surgery in people who inhale some form of Medical Cannabis?
  • Do patients who use Medical Cannabis require different dosages of anesthesia? 
  • How are vitals such Heart Rate, Heart Rhythm, and Blood Pressure impacted during surgery in patients who use Medical Cannabis?
  • Do additional medications need to be used to stop reactions like High Blood Pressure, Rapid Heart Rate, etc?
  • Is there a higher or lower risk for Heart Attacks, Strokes, or Blood Clots in Medical Cannabis users undergoing surgery?
  • While the anesthesia is wearing off, is there a difference in recovery between Cannabis users and non-Cannabis users?
  • What information should patients give the Anesthesiologist before going into surgery?
  • Should patients stop using Medical Cannabis prior to surgery?
  • How far in advance should a patient stop using Medical Cannabis prior to surgery?
  • Would an Anesthesiologist postpone an elective surgery in a Medical Cannabis user?