Pick Dr. Patel’s Brain

Due to overwhelming demand, I’m now offering a “Pick Dr. Patel’s Brain” consultation session.

I’ve had countless doctors and healthcare professionals, exploring the field of medical marijuana, contact me with questions.

While some are interested in becoming medical cannabis doctors, others are interested in starting a cannabis practice. Overall, they have no idea where to start.  

Medical cannabis doctors come few and far between. So why not get a first-hand perspective from a veteran medical cannabis doctor with over half-a-decade of experience?

I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and expertise with you.  

And, there’s no holding back. I’ll dive into the good, bad, and the ugly of being a medical cannabis doctor and running a medical cannabis practice.

Examples of What You Might Pick My Brain About

  • How to protect your medical license as a medical cannabis doctor.
  • The process to certify patients in your particular state.
  • My general approach to treating patients.
  • And really any area within the realm of medical marijuana that you’d like.

To book a “Pick Dr. Patel’s Brain” consultation session, click on the button below.  

Consultation for doctors about medical marijuana

What happens next?

Once your payment is processed, you’ll get an e-mail to schedule up a day and time to discuss what you need help with, your challenges, or simply your questions. The consultation session will take place via video conference.