I wonder about topical CBD products for mild pain. How do patients know which topical CBD products to buy?


Let’s start by talking about CBD topicals and what they’re effective for. In my clinical practice, I’ve found topical CBD products effective for inflammatory skin-based conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, etc. I’ve also found topical CBD products effective for localized pain, specifically localized joint pain and localized muscle pain. I have not found CBD topical products effective for localized nerve pain. For nerve pain, internal use, such as edibles, tinctures, and vapes are necessary to effectively relieve the nerve pain. 



What is Rick Simpson Oil?


I am not a fan of Rick Simpson Oil. The reason being that the solvent that’s used to make Rick Simpson Oil is Naptha.

Let me give you some more background info. A common misconception is that CBD Oil, whether it’s hemp-based or marijuana-based, is extracted in a kitchen-grade oil, like olive oil or coconut oil. But, there’s a step in between and that’s extraction in a solvent. Now, there are safe solvents and there are harmful solvents. 

The safest solvents are Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide. 

Unsafe solvents include hydrocarbons such as Butane, Hexane, Propane. Butane is found lighter fluid. Hexane is used to make glue. And, Propane fires up your barbeque grill. In toxic levels, these hydrocarbons can be damaging to human health. 

As previously mentioned, Rick Simpson Oil is typically made using Naptha, also a hydrocarbon. Naptha, when consumed in toxic levels is carcinogenic. In other words, it causes cancer, which is really ironic because Rick Simpson went around claiming that his oil supposedly cured Cancer. 🙄





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