I have chronic migraines & would like to know dosage and milligrams of CBD to take. 

How many milligrams of CBD should a patient take for severe Anxiety & Pain?


It’s a tough question to answer because it’s not black and white. Dosing is very individual.

For example, I had 2 patients who both struggled with Insomnia, but were otherwise healthy. They had no other medical problems. They were of similar body shape and body size. In other words, they had a similar BMI (Body Mass Index). They both ended up using the same CBD product. One patient needed 2.5 mg of CBD to sleep better while another patient needed 50 mg of CBD to sleep better. 

It’s the same with same as with other medications, prescription or over-the-counter. Let’s take the example of Ibuprofen, which is helpful for headaches. For some patinets, one tablet – which is 200 mg – is enough to help with their headaches. But, then for other patients, 200 mg of Ibuprofen doesn’t cut the pain. Often times, they need prescription strength Ibuprofen. So they’re taking hundreds of milligrams of Ibuprofen for the same condition condition – headaches. So you have people with the exact same condition, but they need differing amounts to effectively relieve their pain. 

There’s a very methodical process to go about figuring out the appropriate dose of CBD. And, I can certainly step-by-step walk you through the process based on your medical history in a consultation.